Shanklish or Arish as it is also know,  is a type of cheese made from Cow’s or Goat’s milk.  It is  formed into small balls, which are often covered in fragrant herbs, aged and dried.. Shanklish varies greatly in its texture and flavor. Every family has their special way of creating this little wonder. Depending on the age of the cheese the flavor can vary, from a soft texture and mild flavor comes from the cheese aged a short time. The cheese aged for longer periods will become firmer and more aromatic with a more spicy or sharp taste depending on the spices use. Shanklish or Arish is from Syria and Lebanon and now fortunately for you it is available in the states and ready to be ordered from Selma’s Mediterranean Bakery and Deli.

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Shanklish / Arish is delicious in various ways. Selma makes a delicious Arish Salad available in her deli. It can also be enjoyed with finely-chopped tomato, onion, and olive oil. Shanklish / Arish is fantastic  sprinkled in scrambled eggs for breakfast or even finely sliced in pocket bread with cucumbers, tomatoes, a sprig of  mint, and lightly drizzled with olive oil for breakfast. Really, once you taste this Mediterranean cheese you’ll want to try it with just about everything.

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